• Correct installation and position is imperative to prevent catastrophic damage.
  • Made in California
  • Single steel plate encapsulated in flexible neoprene rubber
  • Don't confuse our shock mounts with the junk on eBay

Eames Lounge Chair ES670 Shock Mount Repair Service

1.00 Ounces

Product Description


Lounge Chair leaning way back or panel snapped?

Don't get tricked and install eBay counterfeit parts

We will remove original old mounts and replace with humemodern shocks

*At no time are panels cut, drilled or routered.*

 Made & installed the original Eames way with the correct materials, single cold pressed steel plate encapsulated in neoprene rubber.

 Strong, flexible, resilient, tried & tested

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Product Made in USA

Approved by the manufacturer to undertake the repair & restoration of their classic series products







Warranty Information

Read description and examine pictures closely before purchase, if you have any questions or concerns contact us prior to purchase.
Item is sold in either new or used as-is condition.
No warranty, no returns, no refunds.